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Azure Training in Kolkata provide free Azure Tutorials and interview preparation materials for your help in Azure Certifications and upcoming Azure interviews.  If your are  looking for a near by azure training in Kolkata you are in right place. We have Azure classroom training for freshers and professionals in Kolkata . We also conduct online Azure training for learners from Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata. We are located in Kolkata and  most of the learners nearby Kolkata prefer our classroom training. We also provide Resume Re-Writing service and Interview Preparations materials to help you for your journey towards your azure jobs with higher salary.

Free Azure Certification Training materials in Kolkata:

Looking for some free Azure Training resources in Kolkata? We are providing here some add on free resources for your upcoming  Azure Certification Training in Kolkata. Our free Azure Certification resources may help you to understand concepts of azure cloud and may be a valuable note on your upcoming Azure Certification in Kolkata.  So we try to provide free Azure Certification Training materials for Azure Fundamentals [AZ-900], Azure Administrator [AZ-104], Azure Solutions Architect [AZ-305],  Azure DevOps [AZ-400], Azure Data Engineer [DP-203], Azure Power BI [PL-300] and more for everybody looking to make a career in azure cloud computing.  So lets start together. Our free azure course materials may help you to prepare for your upcoming azure certifications. We have also added some interview tips and training materials for your upcoming Azure Interviews.


Azure courses are in high demand now a days. Any freshers, Desktop Engineers, Developers or data analysts looking for a career enhancements must go for Azure cloud computing training courses. There are plenty of resources to learn azure certification courses online and offline. The challenge is to select the perfect and most suitable azure training as per your background. Here we are trying to help you to choose best azure certification and training in Kolkata.

The first step towards your Azure Jobs is to chose a right track.  Azure Fundamentals Certification AZ-900 may be the most suitable certification to start with specially if you are absolutely new in Azure. This AZ-900 Certification make you understand basics of cloud computing concepts, models, and services, such as public, private, and hybrid cloud, in addition to infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).  The next one is for those who like to build their career as a Azure Cloud Engineer. The certification is  Azure Administrator Associate exam [AZ-104].

get free certification materials and advise for Azure Administrator Associate Certification | [AZ-104] exam in Kolkata.

Skills measured in Azure Administrator Associate Certification Exam:

  • Implement and manage storage (15–20%)
  • Manage Azure identities and governance (15–20%)
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20–25%)
  • Configure and manage virtual networking (20-25%)
  • Monitor and maintain Azure resources (10–15%)

There are two certifications Azure Administrator [AZ-104] and Azure Solutions Architect Certification path exam known as Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions [AZ-305].  This azure administration training and az-104 certification will help you to achieve Azure Administrator credentials. This is absolutely necessary for any new  Azure Cloud Engineer or any fresher. Working Professionals as azure administrator  having 2 To 3 years of relevant experience can opt for Azure Architect to add value to career and a great pay hike.

Skills measured in Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Exam:

  • Design identity, governance, and monitoring solutions (25-30%)
  • Design data storage solutions (25-30%)
  • Design business continuity solutions (10-15%)
  • Design infrastructure solutions (25-30%)

If you are a developer and have good knowledge in Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI), Azure PowerShell, and other tools Azure Developer Associate | [AZ-204] exam may be the best choice to start with later you may opt for Azure DevOps Engineer [ AZ-400] exam to become Azure DevOps Expert. This is a good track for a developer to become Azure Cloud Developer or DevOps Engineer for better JOBs.

Skills measured in Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Exam:

  • Develop for Azure storage (15-20%)
  • Develop Azure compute solutions (25-30%)
  • Implement Azure security (20-25%)
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions (15-20%)
  • Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services (15-20%)

The role of an Azure Data Engineer is to design, implement, and manage data solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. As a data engineer, their primary focus is on building and maintaining the infrastructure required to store, process, and analyze data. They are responsible for creating scalable, efficient, and secure data pipelines that enable data-driven decision-making and support various business needs. Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure [DP-203] exam is a good choice for a career enhancements for Data Analysts looking to shift in Azure Data Engineering Jobs.

Skills measured in Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure Exam:

  • Design and prepare a machine learning solution (20–25%)
  • Explore data and train models (35–40%)
  • Prepare a model for deployment (20–25%)
  • Deploy and retrain a model (10–15%)

Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure can choose DP-203 certification training which  give a hands on idea about design, implement, monitor, and optimize data platforms to meet the data pipelines. Azure Data Engineer role is to work with Data Analytics Team Members and Management to build necessary infrastructure and ETL or ELT pipelines with azure portal which prepare Visualized custom report as per business requirements from organizational data.  This is a good career options for those having a basic understanding or experience in SQL and data architecture patterns. In this Azure Data Engineer Certification Training they will learn about different azure components like Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Azure Databricks to create data processing solutions. DBAs can choose this certification to become Azure Data Engineer and get into Azure Cloud as a functional expert.

Skills measured in Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure Exam:

  • Design and implement data storage (15–20%)
  • Develop data processing (40–45%)
  • Secure, monitor, and optimize data storage and data processing (30–35%)

To transition from a QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer to an Azure DevOps Engineer, you’ll need to acquire specific skills and knowledge related to Azure DevOps and the practices involved in DevOps processes. Here are some steps to help you make this transition and Azure DevOps Engineer Certification [AZ-400] exam will be the best choice for your career.

Skills measured in Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Exam:

  • Configure processes and communications (10-15%)
  • Design and implement source control (15-20%)
  • Design and implement build and release pipelines (40-45%)
  • Develop a security and compliance plan (10-15%)
  • Implement an instrumentation strategy (10-15%)

The Azure Security Engineer certification validates your expertise and skills in implementing security controls and threat protection in Microsoft Azure. It demonstrates to employers and peers that you have a deep understanding of Azure security practices. Holding a recognized certification like the Azure Security Engineer can enhance your professional credibility and increase your chances of career advancement. It may open up opportunities for promotions or new roles within your organization or in the job market. Azure Security Engineer Associate Certification [AZ-500] exam can help you to achieve a Cloud Security Job in Azure Cloud Project.

Skills measured in Azure Security Technologies Exam:

  • Manage identity and access (25–30%)
  • Secure networking (20–25%)
  • Secure compute, storage, and databases (20–25%)
  • Manage security operations (25–30%)

What are the Benefits of learning Azure Courses in Kolkata with our free Azure Training materials?

The best benefits you get with our Free Azure Certification materials added with Our Azure Training in AEM Institute:

If you are looking for a career change in Azure Cloud Computing contact us now!

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Prime benefits of Azure Courses in Kolkata for Azure Certifications Training with free guide: 

Azure certifications can significantly help both fresher and working professionals in Kolkata improve their job prospects and career opportunities. Here’s how Azure certification can benefit them:

1. Skill Validation: For freshers, having an Azure certification demonstrates their commitment to learning and acquiring relevant skills in cloud computing. It validates their knowledge of Azure services and best practices, making them more appealing to potential employers.

2. Industry Demand: As cloud computing becomes increasingly crucial for businesses, the demand for skilled professionals with Azure expertise is rising. Holding an Azure certification gives job seekers a competitive edge in a market where cloud skills are highly sought after.

3. Job Market Visibility: Many employers use certifications as filters during the hiring process. Having an Azure certification can increase a candidate’s visibility in job portals and employer databases, leading to more interview calls.

4. Career Switching: For working professionals looking to switch careers or move into cloud-related roles, Azure certification can be a game-changer. It helps them demonstrate their ability to adapt to new technologies and enhances their chances of being considered for cloud-related positions.

5. Specialization in Azure: With an Azure certification, job seekers can showcase their specialization in Microsoft Azure, which is one of the leading cloud platforms globally. This specialization makes them stand out from general IT professionals.

6. Salary and Compensation: Certified professionals often receive better salary packages than their non-certified peers. Azure certification can positively impact the earning potential of both freshers and working professionals.

7. Career Growth Opportunities: Azure-certified professionals are more likely to be considered for promotions and career growth within their organizations. The certification shows that they are ready to take on more responsibilities and contribute to the company’s cloud initiatives.

8. Networking and Community Engagement: Azure certification opens doors to a community of certified professionals. Engaging with this community can provide valuable insights, tips, and potential job referrals in Kolkata’s growing cloud industry. Our students get a healthy technical community to share views and opportunities once they complete any azure training course and certification in Kolkata, which give them an added advantage for interview preparation and azure jobs searching.

9. Hands-on Experience: Preparing for an Azure certification involves hands-on practice with the platform. This practical experience is valuable for both freshers and working professionals, as it allows them to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

10. Credibility and Trust: Employers tend to trust certified professionals more because the certification process is rigorous and requires validation of skills. This credibility can positively influence the hiring decision.

Free Azure Certification notes
Free Azure Certification notes

Related Azure job roles with average salary you may expect after completion of azure training in Kolkata.

As per different internet sources we can conclude the approximate average salary for different azure job roles in 2023 as follows:

  • Cloud Administrator – A Cloud Administrator is responsible to build azure cloud infrastructure for project like load balancer, Vnet, Endpoints, NSG, Database, App Service, IAM, Azure AD authentications and related services.  Azure administrator with 0-3 years of working experience can expect around 6.5L to 8.5L PA and with more experience it can increase.  Preferred Azure Training and Certification [ az-900 with az-104 ]
  • Cloud Data Engineer –  A Cloud Data Engineer is responsible to build and maintain  Azure Cloud infrastructure and ETL pipelines with Azure DataFactory, Azure Synapse analytics, Azure Data Bricks for team. Any Azure Data engineer with relevant background of Database, Query writing and ETL pipeline ideas and having somewhere around 3 to 4 years of experience may expect around 9L to 15L PA. It is on higher side if you have valid Azure Data Engineer DP-203 Certification. Preferred Azure Training and Certification [ az-900 with dp-203 ]
  • Cloud Solution Architect – Any Azure Architect is taking a lead role to provide Scalable Architecture for a project as per client’s requirements. A cloud administrator with 3 to 4 years of experience may opt for this job role if Azure Architect Certification AZ-305 is completed and the candidate must have working experience in different cloud projects with a strong inter personal skills to manage clients requirements. The average expected salary as azure architect is around 12L to 18L PA. Preferred Azure Training and Certification [ az-900, az-104, az-305 ].
  • Cloud Security Consultant – The primary role of a Cloud Security Consultant is to build, maintain and audit Application Security and Infrastructure Security for Azure cloud project with Zero Trust policy.  Any one having application security or infrastructure security experience can opt for this role. The average expected salary as azure security professional is around 12L to 18L PA. Preferred Azure Training and Certification [ az-900 with az-500 ]. Once completed you can opt for

    Cybersecurity Architect Certification [sc-100] also.

  • DevOps Engineer –  Azure DevOps engineer make application up and running always ( zero down time ) with CI/CD and automation. This is one of the azure job role where we are witnessing a steady and continuous growth in manpower requirements since few years. A DevOps Engineer having experience in CI/CD pipeline writing and experience in container orchestration (Azure Kubernetes Service), IaC with Terraform and good knowledge of PowerShell can expect 9L to 16L PA depending on project value and company. Preferred Azure Training and Certification [ az-900 with az-400 ]


Azure Jobs for freshers and experienced

How to start Azure Cloud Computing career as a beginner after you complete azure training course in Kolkata?

  • Learn some basic concepts of networking: It is always better to start from basics so you can learn basic networking concepts to start your career as Azure cloud engineer.
  • Start with Azure Fundamentals az-900: Azure Fundamentals AZ900 certification training is the best start for a fresher and beginners who is looking for Azure Certification to showcase their skills. This az-900 covers all introductory but important concepts of cloud computing which is absolutely necessary for a beginner.
  • Step into Azure Administrator az-104: Once you are confident about your understanding and looking further progress az104 certification may be the next step towards your Azure Learning Path for your Azure Interview and upcoming Azure Jobs.
  • What next: If you are in job or looking for a career enhancement then you can opt for professionals or skills specific certifications like Azure Architect az-305 certification or as a devops engineer az-400 certification is a better choice. Who is in data domain can opt for azure data engineer DP-203 as best choice to get data engineer jobs in azure cloud.
Free Azure Interview Questions

Some Azure Projects you may take after Azure Training in Kolkata.

Project is an important key factor to prove your capability and understanding about the Technology. All candidates undergoing Azure Certification Training in Kolkata must have a Project specially if they are doing Azure DevOps, Azure Solutions Architect or Azure Data Engineer Certification.

Continuous deployment pipeline for a mobile application: In this project, you can set up a continuous deployment pipeline for a mobile application using tools like Jenkins, Git, and Docker. You can also implement testing automation using tools like Appium and Cucumber. The project will be implemented in Azure Cloud.

Setting up a CI/CD pipeline for Azure services: In this project, you can set up a CI/CD pipeline for deploying Azure services like Azure Web Apps, Azure Functions, or Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) using Azure DevOps. You can also implement testing automation using tools like Selenium or Cucumber.

 Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Azure DevOps: In this project, you can implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for deploying Azure resources like Virtual Machines, Storage Accounts, and Network Security Groups using Azure DevOps and tools like Terraform or ARM templates.

Azure Security Implementation: Develop and implement an Azure Security Center solution that provides centralized visibility and control over security-related issues in Azure. This project can include configuring policies, alerts, and recommendations to ensure compliance with best practices and regulatory requirements.

Azure Training In Kolkata - Contact azure training in Kolkata
Azure Training In Kolkata – Contact azure training in Kolkata

Creating ETL Pipeline with Azure Data Factory : Develop and implement an Azure Data Factory solution that enables data integration and orchestration across various data sources and destinations. This project can involve configuring pipelines, data flows, and data transformation activities to enable data processing and analysis.

Rating: 4.8 · ‎572 votes

I just completed online training on Azure Administrator from here. It’s a very informative and technically descriptive classes & Labs, I had ever. Debraj Sir is enthusiastic and really aware of what he is explaining. The course helped to build confidence, Valuable experiences and learning. Overall a very informative online training session. Course content got well covered and also demonstrated the concept very well. Thanks for such an informative and concept-clearing training session.

Chandan Mondal

Sr. Administrator


I enrolled into the Azure Cloud training program and was very satisfied with the guidance and help provided by the faculty and staff. I was able to successfully complete my AZURE Administrator certification with the help of knowledge I gained during my coursework. The institute has excellent lab infrastructure for work and other facilities. I am willing to enroll again in some of their other program offerings in the near future.

D Gautam

Network Administrator


Frequent lab practice, study material also provided, faculty is good and makes effort so for smooth ongoing with learning, overall good institute for learning

Kamaldeep Singh



One of the best Cloud learning centers. Debraj sir, is just brilliant. Always helped me in any doubt even late evening or night. Passed Azure Certification in first chance just for him.

R Bhattacharjee

Azure Architect


Azure Training in Kolkata FAQs:


Can I get a job by learning Azure?

Azure certification can be a crucial factor for both freshers and working professionals in Kolkata to improve their job prospects, gain industry recognition, and secure better career opportunities in the evolving field of cloud computing. It’s essential to choose the right certification based on career goals and invest time and effort in preparation to maximize the benefits it offers.

How much time required to learn Azure?

The time required to learn Azure can vary significantly depending on your starting knowledge, learning approach, and the depth of understanding you aim to achieve. Learning Azure is an ongoing process as the platform continuously evolves with new services and updates. However, here are some general considerations for different levels of proficiency:

If you are new to cloud computing and have basic IT knowledge, it may take around 1 to 2 weeks to get familiar with fundamental Azure concepts, such as cloud computing, virtualization, and basic services like virtual machines, storage accounts, and networking.

To gain practical experience and intermediate-level understanding, it might take around 1 to 3 months.

Achieving a more in-depth understanding of Azure and becoming proficient in areas like cloud architecture, DevOps, data engineering, or security may take several months to a year or more.

Is Azure a high paying job?

Yes, Azure-related jobs can be high paying, especially for skilled professionals with relevant experience and certifications. Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms globally, and as businesses increasingly adopt cloud technologies, the demand for professionals with Azure expertise continues to rise. It’s essential to note that while Azure jobs can be high paying, salary levels also depend on individual factors like your level of expertise, years of experience, the specific role you are applying for, and the company’s budget for hiring. It’s always a good idea to research salary ranges for Azure-related positions in your region and negotiate based on your skills and qualifications during the job application process.

Does Azure need coding?

While Azure provides a user-friendly portal and graphical interfaces for managing some aspects of the cloud environment, coding remains a crucial aspect for more advanced and customized use cases. Knowledge of programming languages like C#, Python, JavaScript, PowerShell, or others can be valuable when working with Azure and maximizing its capabilities. However, it’s also possible to use Azure in a more limited capacity without extensive coding skills by relying on pre-built solutions and templates available in the Azure Marketplace.

Is Azure exam tough?

The difficulty level of Azure exams can vary depending on factors such as your prior experience with Azure, your familiarity with cloud concepts, the specific exam you are taking, and your level of preparation. Microsoft offers a range of Azure certification exams that cater to different roles and proficiency levels. Some exams are designed for beginners, while others target more experienced professionals.

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