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Azure Data Engineer

Are you looking for Azure Data Engineer certification training? Are you preparing for Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure Exam DP-203? Then you have reached right page. In this article we are going to answer all your query about Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure Training and job opportunities as Microsoft Azure Data Engineer. We will discuss about the roles and responsibilities, necessary skillsets, average salaries of a Data Engineer and certifications. This will help you build a successful career as an Azure Data Engineer and get high paying JOB as a Data Engineer or Data Analyst on Azure Cloud Platform.

Azure Data Engineer Associate Training

An Azure Data Engineer is a professional responsible for designing and implementing data solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. They work with various data storage and processing technologies, such as Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure DataFactory, Azure Databricks, and Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Deltalake to build robust and scalable data pipelines. Azure Data Engineers also handle data integration, transformation, and orchestration tasks using tools like Azure Data Factory and Azure Logic Apps. They collaborate with stakeholders to understand data requirements, ensure data quality, and optimize performance. Additionally, they may be involved in tasks like data governance, security, and monitoring within Azure’s cloud environment.

The best Azure Data Engineer certification training in Kolkata is provided with free Azure Data Engineer tutorial with 100% hands on lab and at the end you will complete a guided project on Data Engineering using data analytics tools in Azure Cloud Platform. Cost of Azure data engineer certification training in Kolkata is INR19,950 which includes training, project, data engineer interview preparation and free resume rewriting service. You can attend classroom training for Azure Data Engineer Certification in Kolkata in week End class. If you are from outside Kolkata and  are looking for online Azure Data Engineer Training you can attain our online live interactive training as per your suitable time slot.

What does Azure data engineer do?

Azure Data Engineer’s primary job is to provide and maintain Data Platform for Business Intelligence for any organization with various azure data analytics tools in a secure way.

What are the skills for Azure data engineer?

To excel as an Azure Data Engineer, you should possess a strong skill set. First and foremost, you need expertise in Microsoft Azure’s data services, including Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Azure Synapse Analytics. Proficiency in programming languages like SQL and Python is crucial for data manipulation and analysis. Additionally, knowledge of data integration tools such as Azure Data Factory and Azure Logic Apps is essential. Familiarity with data modeling, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, and data warehousing concepts is beneficial. Strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to collaborate effectively with stakeholders are also important for success in this role. The prominent skills required are as follows,

  • Azure Cloud
  • MS SQL Database
  • Design and Develop Data Pipeline with Azure Data Factory
  • Design and Develop ETL Pipeline in Azure Data Bricks
  • Azure PySpark Cluster, Data Lake Storage Gen2, External Tables, Time Series Analysis
  • Integrate Azure Synapse Analytics and Data Security Policy
  • Monitor and Optimize Data Storage and Data Processing pipelines

You can refer some important interview questions for Azure Data Engineer  here.

Azure Data Factory Training
Azure Data Factory

Is Azure Data Engineer easy or hard?

Azure Data Engineer Associate exam is for working professionals who are already working with any one of the following skill set like,

  • Database Administrator
  • SQL Developer
  • Python Developer for Data Analytics Applications
  • Data Science Associate
  • Big Data Administrators 

The professionals with above background may opt for a professional training with an experienced trainer in reputed Data Science Training Institute. You may also choose to learn self paced training with reference materials from Microsoft or other resources available in internet but it will take more time than a guided training. So with proper and systematic way of learning achieving Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification is not so hard.

Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification Training Topics:

Section 1: Design a data storage structure
Section 2: Design a partition strategy
Section 3: Design the serving layer
Section 4: Implement physical data storage structures
Section 5: Implement logical data structures
Section 6: Ingest and transform data
Section 7: Design and develop a batch processing solution
Section 8: Design and develop a stream processing solution
Section 9: Manage batches and pipelines
Section 10:Design security for data policies and standards
Section 11:Implement data security
Section 12:Monitor data storage and data processing
Section 13:Optimize and troubleshoot data storage and data processing
Section 14:Data Analytics Project on Azure
Section 15:DP-203 Exam Preparation

How much Azure Data Engineer earn?

The salary of an Azure Data Engineer can vary based on factors such as experience, location, company size, and industry. The average annual salary for an Azure Data Engineer in the United States ranged from $90,000 to $150,000, depending on the level of experience.  In India an average employee get 7.2L to 18.5L PA Salary Packages with 3 to 8 years of Working Experience as a Data Engineer. However  salaries can differ significantly and may be higher in certain regions or for professionals with extensive expertise or certifications.

What is the cost of Azure Data Engineer Training and Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification in India?

The Training cost for Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification DP-203 varies in cities like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Agartala, Patna and Kolkata. The standard best cost for Azure Data Engineer Associate Training is INR 19,950 but it may be on higher side with some training providers. The cost of online Azure Data Engineer Associate Training in AEM Institute, One of the Best Performing Institute for Azure Training, is INR 19,950 which includes Hands On training, guided project, Free resume rewriting service and interview preparation materials for every learner within this cost.

The Certification cost for Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification DP-203 exam in India is INR 4800 plus applicable Taxes.

Azure Synapse Analytics Studio Training in Kolkata
Azure Synapse Analytics Studio Training in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore

Some Projects available for Azure Data Engineer Trainee

Here are some areas where projects may be accomplished before attempting any Azure Data Engineer Interview.

  1. Data Pipeline Automation: Design and implement an end-to-end data pipeline using Azure Data Factory to extract data from various sources, transform it, and load it into a target database or data warehouse.
  2. Real-time Data Streaming: Build a real-time data streaming solution using Azure Event Hubs and Azure Stream Analytics to process and analyze incoming data in real-time, enabling immediate insights and actions.
  3. Data Warehousing: Create a scalable and optimized data warehousing solution using Azure Synapse Analytics, integrating multiple data sources, implementing data partitioning strategies, and optimizing query performance.
  4. Predictive Analytics: Develop a predictive analytics solution using Azure Machine Learning to build and deploy machine learning models that can predict future outcomes based on historical data.
  5. Data Visualization: Build interactive dashboards and reports using Azure Power BI to visualize and present data insights in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner.
  6. Data Security and Compliance: Implement data security measures and ensure compliance with regulatory standards like GDPR or HIPAA by utilizing Azure Data Lake Storage’s security features, encryption, and access control mechanisms.
  7. Data Lake Architecture: Design and implement a data lake solution using Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Databricks, and Azure Data Factory, allowing for efficient data ingestion, storage, and processing at scale.
  8. Data Governance and Cataloging: Establish data governance practices using Azure Purview to create a centralized data catalog, define data classifications, and manage data lineage and metadata.
Azure Data Engineering Training
Azure Data Engineering Training
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